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Welcome to your transformation

Welcome to my page. You are not here by coincidence. You are probably here because you are seeking healing and transformational change. Well, you are in the right place at the right time. If you are dealing with self doubt, low self-esteem, self-defeating behaviors, or an inability to move forward in life then Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) may be right for you. Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This model was developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer who has perfected this method over 30 years. Using RTT, we have the ability to access the subconscious mind allowing us to uncover, reprogram and upgrade limiting beliefs and find the root cause of your issue/s, free you from any self-defeating beliefs/patterns and provide complete freedom and healing.

Live Your Life With Passion & Purpose

Understand The Process

what to expect


Hypnosis certainly has a fair amount of mystery surrounding it. In no small part due to entertainment and media misinformation. One of the most important jobs I have as a hypnotherapist is taking the mystery out of hypnosis for my clients, prospective clients and the general public.

What happens during each individual session is specific to the client. It is tailored to what the client wants or needs. However, the structure of the session doesn’t change for each individual. 

before we begin


Whether this is an in-person session or being done by video chat, the process is the same. Before we begin the session, I will send you an intake form and a few questionnaires. This is to help me get a better understanding of you and your needs so that I can tailor the session specifically to you.

This session is for you and about you.

You decide where we go.

My job is simply to get you there.

the induction


Here is where the fun begins.

The induction is the process where the client is led into that very relaxed high learning state known as hypnosis.

The entire time during the induction and while you are in that very relaxed state you are going to hear everything and be aware of everything that is taking place.

You will find that being hypnotized is an extremely relaxing and pleasurable experience. 

the therapy


This is where the “change work” takes place. It may be where we go through the process needed to help you with self doubt, self esteem, overcoming fear of public speaking or whatever you need.

The therapy that is done is only what you have said at the beginning of the session that you want done. Remember that this is YOUR session.

The specific approach to the change work that I do is once again 100% client driven. What your needs are determine what approach I take.

Keep in mind, I’m just your tour guide as you explore your subconscious mind.

In most cases, with your permission, I provide a post hypnotic suggestion (PHS) that is a trigger to give you a tool for your use once you have left.

Quite frequently, these triggers are given to allow clients to increase their level of relaxation or confidence. 

return to awareness


The final portion of the session is to simply bring you out of your trance. This is a gentle and orderly process. It is not done in any hurry. I am paying close attention to you during the process and as you are returning to your awareness.

Because hypnosis is so relaxing and enjoyable, many clients want to stay right there.

When you are wide awake, I’m there to welcome you back, check in with you and answer any questions you have.

For me, one of the most exciting and beautiful aspects of hypnotherapy is just how quickly positive change can be manifested in people’s lives through this tool.

Unlike many therapeutic approaches (some of which take years), in many cases, one session of hypnosis is all that is needed to address a specific issue. Most issues are successfully addressed in fewer than four.

after the session


 After the session I suggest taking the rest of the day to relax and reflect. Give yourself some time to process everything. I will also be giving you a recording which you will need to listen to for a minimum of 21 days at night before you go to bed. This will allow the suggestions to really engrain into your subconscious mind and help you create new positive belief systems and habits. I will do a 15 minute follow up call in 24 hours and at each week thereafter up to 28 days.  


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